Frsky X4R-SB 16 Channel Receiver

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SBUS…  It’s the latest tech, it’s possible on the Naze32 rev6 acro and full boards without the need of an inverter and the TBS Powercube.   And, it’s fast- for those that need the extra microsecond of control, it can mean the difference between winning and loosing the race.

Use this receiver for a 1-wire 16 channel input to your FC….. now that’s awesome.  compatible with frsky radios and frsky xjt modules



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Frsky X4R-SB 16 channel receiver

FrSky’s X4R-SB receiver features 3 PWM outputs (normal servo) and 1 Sbus port that carries all 16 channels.  Plus the exciting new Smart Port and a traditional A2 port are all located on the side port of the receiver. A FrSky FBVS can be connected to the A2 port for simple voltage monitoring.

Smaller than the X6R, but still packing 16 channels and the new Smart Port that supports the new hubless digital sensors! Or, connect the new vario, and then connect the old hub to use existing analog sensors.

A common question is what can the SBus port do. First off, you can connect it to many flight controllers via a single connection, and now you have access to all 16 channels. Or, you can use something like the FrSky Sbus Decoder, this will allow you to add 4 normal servo outputs (pwm). You can also connect Sbus servos directly to the Sbus line. Just “Y” in as many SBus devices as you need.

Note: This version of the X4R does include the Sbus output and offers 3 channels via PWM. No CPPM output.

Dimension: 22mm x 40mm x 7.7mm
Weight: 5.2g (.183 oz)
Operating Voltage Range: 4V-10.0V
Operating Current: 100mA@5V
Operating Range: >1.5km (Full Range)
Firmware Upgradeable

FrSky Taranis, Taranis Plus, & XJT module

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Weight .072 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 5 in
Attribute: PAR



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