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QQ190 Tank V3 Racing Drone Frame Set includes camera.

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Includes the Frame, Plastics, and Camera.

Limited Release QQ190 Frame Kit with everything that you need to build and fly the best.


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The QQ190 V3 Racing Drone

EVERYTHING YOU NEED EXCEPT THE GUTS & MOTORS.  The kit includes a QQ190 Tank V3 Frame designed for 5″ props (same as the RTF model), 2x QQ battery Straps, QQ Battery Skid, 4x QQ motor skids, 2x laser etched foam battery pads to isolate the battery from the frame, and 1x QQ Micro cam.

Symmetrical balanced and ideal design

The QQ190 RTF FPV Racing Drone is symmetrical in many ways, from having equidistant motors, to having a center mounted mass.  This means that the copter flies like a fighter jet, turns on a dime, naturally rights itself, and is balanced from the core.  The result of this design is a copter that flies in a way that seems to almost defy physics.

Designed to be light weight with speed and agility in mind.

The copter spares no extra weight, and therefore packs a punch. 330g.

Approved for Multi-GP 3s and 4s classes

You can be proud to take this Racing drone to the races- prepare to leave your teammates in the dust.


  • 1 x QQ190 Frame Set
  • 2 x Battery Straps (2 lengths)
  • 1 x Battery pads set
  • 4 x Motors feet
  • 1 x Landing Pad
  • 1 x Mini FPV Camera

Now shipping from Denver Colorado

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in

1 review for QQ190 Tank V3 Racing Drone Frame Set includes camera.

  1. Charles L Rowe

    was my first build, learned to fly on this frame and loved it. plan on building a couple of these frames up soon as i can.

  2. Electrcsh33p

    Can I fit the runcam swift I already have in this camerapod? And what detentions are the stand-offs for the fc stack? Thankyou

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