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QQ190 Falcon top

We specialize in smaller racing drones such as the QQ190 Falcon.  The QQ190 is one of the fastest, nimble designs that we offer.  Some setups have a 12:1 power to weight ratio, which means that this design can truly help you to fly like superman.

Sparrow RTF

We also have some larger designs such as the Sparrow Racing Quad which offers more room for building. This Racing drone has a look that is different than the others.

Tarot 650 with NAZA M V2 and DJI E800 propulsion system 15" props EZ OSD, EZ UHF diversity receiver, Immersion rc 2.4ghz video

We also offer custom services for large custom drones.  Drop us a message if you are looking for an application specific project.

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