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FrSky D4R-II 2.4 Ghz PPM Radio Receiver 8 channel with Telemetry


This is the Frisky D4R-II 2.4 GHz Radio Receiver.

This receiver works great with FrSky Radios and it features PPM output for a simple 3 wire hookup to translate 8 channels.

The unit also features Telemetry.  This includes support for 1 analog sensor and 1 digital input such as that from a Naze32 Flight controller.

These are perfect for mini quadcopters such as the QAV250 or Blackout Mini H quads.



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FrSky D4R-II ppm receiver with telemetry

The frsky D4R-II features:

Telemetry enabled for RSSI indication and sensor output.

1) Firmware upgradeable
2) One external analog telemetry port and one digital data-stream port (connect to FrSky Sensor Hub FSH-01)
3) RSSI (PWM) and CPPM output – If CH3 and CH4 are connected by a jumper, CH1 will output CPPM for CH1~CH8, and CH2 will output RSSI (PWM)
4) Lighter weight and physically smaller than other similar receivers.
5) Alarm warning on low voltage, poor reception, etc.

I flash these with the 27ms firmware before they leave the door.  This ensures 8 channels of reliable PPM operation.
Dimension 40*22.5*6mm
Weight 5.8g/5g (naked)
Operating Range full range (>1.5km)
Operating Voltage Range 3.5~10V
Operating Current 60mA
Number of Channels 4ch


Works with with FrSky Radio systems such as the Taranis X9D or the DIY DHT Radio module.


Quadquestions.com is an official FrSky Dealer

Quadquestions.com is an official FrSky Dealer

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in
Attribute: PAR


1 review for FrSky D4R-II 2.4 Ghz PPM Radio Receiver 8 channel with Telemetry

  1. Dennis (verified owner)

    I love this rx! The tiny form factor is an excellent fit in my Krieger build. I recently ripped and antenna and trace off of my d4r and needed a quick replacement I wouldn’t have to rebuild for. These guys are near my home town and had a convenient no charge pickup option in Denver. The upgraded programming they sent the new one out with gave me no problems and other than binding and installing, there was no work to do.

    Thanks guys!
    D.J. K

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