QQ190 RTF Manual

Thank you for your interest in the QQ190 RTF Racing drone manual.  Registered owners can find the manual in the My-account section of Quadquestions.com under available downloads.

Please note that we are still working on the manual and some things may change.

Current version: 1.2

QQ190 RTF Racing Drone Manual

Please leave comments so that we may continue to improve the manual.

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Manual Changelog

  • Added spektrum endpoint explanation
  • Added TBS Agent documentation
  • Added fix for Spektrum rx UART users
  • Modified SBus Receiver wiring diagram
  • Added notes to check motor direction during initial setup.
  • Prepared for German Translation.

12 replies on “QQ190 RTF Manual

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Hi Ken, Yes, there is a buzzer included, and in addition, the motors will start to beep after a few minutes of inactivity which is enough to find the quad (I have found a lost model in the past just listening for the motors. :D.

      4-Cell batteries are recommended, but you can run 3-Cell if you have them.

      The QQ190 will autodetect your battery cell numbers and determine if your battery is fully charged or not when you plug it in.

      Let me know if that helps to answer your questions!

  • Ken Stovall

    Is the buzzer activated by a current switch in the Taranis setup files that I downloaded from your site or will I need to assign a switch ??

    Thanks man,

    Ken Stovall

  • Ken Stovall


    I just installed my X4R Receiver into my QQ190, Bound it to my Taranis Plus Remote but getting (Waiting for PPM) on my display and can not go any further, green light is on my X4R so I know its seeing my Taranis….I have hit the reset button on the side of the quad but still no controls from radio..what am I missing ??


    Ken Stovall

  • FalconFPV

    is the fpv antenna LHCP or RHCP and is it RP-SMA or SMA nothing anywhere says this info! thanks! about to order just need this info

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Hi. The antenna that comes with the QQ190 RTF is a TBS Triumph RHCP (right hand circular polarized) antenna with an SMA connector. (center conductor in the connector)

      Thanks for posting here.

  • Mike Sheldon

    Hi Anthony
    I’ve just bought one of these and have a Spektrum DX9 radio so have fitted a SPM4648 DSMX receiver, set the endpoints to 150 in the transmitter and centred the sticks. The receiver binds to the transmitter with a solid orange light but when I select Spektrum 2048 in my Fatshark goggles it just stays on waiting for Spektrum 2048 after counting down and doesn’t start the stick calibration process, am I missing something I should of done?

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Check your radio calibration. Set your endpoints to 125%, make sure you are using the spectrum cable. There is a good chance that your radio isn’t outputting 1500 uS when your sticks are centered.

  • Felix Wasl

    is on the camera pod from the QQ190 place for a Apple airtag.
    I need it for tracking the drone if I crash

    kind regrets


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