FrSky XJT – JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Transmitter Telemetry Module


You can drop this module into any radio that accepts a JR style module and convert it to Frsky!  Also-You can use this module in your Taranis to get up to 32 channels of output…….NOW THAT’S COOL!   What is the difference between the DJT and the XJT? The DJT supports 8 channels and the XJT supports 12 channels.  If your transmitter supports 12 channels PPM signals then you can use the XJT .

*Instructions for activation within a Taranis radio or similar: You must activate the external module within the Taranis main menu. To get there start by pressing “Menu” once. You should be on the page that displays all of your saved models. Next press the “Page” button once to get to page 2. Next scroll down (up is actually faster) to “External RF Mode.” Press “enter” and use the arrows to scoll to the option “XJT.” Now your module is activated, Make sure to select the correct channel range to match the amount of channels you plan on using.

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FrSky XJT – JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Transmitter Telemetry Module The XJT telemetry transmitter module is a great choice if your transmitter is compatible with the JR style modules. The latest upgrade to the FrSky Telemetry Radio System now features up to 16 channels and the new Smart Port for duplex communications with X series receivers. (Only certain transmitters are capable of sending 16 channels to the XJT.) The module is compatible with both the V8, D, LR and X Series receivers from FrSky. Add the XJT to the back of your FrSky Taranis transmitter for 32 channel in total! Features: Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST SYSTEM) achieves highly reliable link in interference rich environments. Smart Port – Full Duplex communication Easy to bind and instant link-up Excellent reboot times All channels failsafe Quick response Very smooth servo movement Alarm on events of receiver (low battery voltages, poor reception, etc.) Error-free link, by using 48bits CRC algorithm Firmware upgradable Compatibility: V8 Series: (Non-Telemetry receivers) V8FR-II, V8R7-II, V8R4-II, VD5M D Series: (Telemetry receivers) D8R, D8R-II, D8R-II Plus, D8RSP, D8R-XP, D6FR, D4FR, D4R-II, etc. X Series: (Telemetry receivers) X8R, X6R, X4R, etc. LR Series: (Long Range receivers) L9R Compatible with the following transmitters: JR: 347, 388, 783, U8, PCM10, PCM10S, PCM10SX, PCM10IIS, 8103, J9303, MX-22, MX-24S, PX, 9XII, Eurgle 9X, Turnigy 9X, 9XR and more. (Note: SPort telemetry is not currently available to any of these transmitters. A FrSky Co-Pilot will be required to see SPort data.) Specifications: Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-15.0V Operating Current: 140mA (@6V), 80mA (@12V) Output Power: ≤ 100mW XJT details

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