Sparrow Knight R220-FPV Racing Drone Frame


The Sparrow Knight R 220 is the latest offering from Inventor FPV & QuadQuestions.  Featuring a minimalistic, stylish design, advanced manufacturing technology, and integrated electronics,   This Frame is setting a new standard.  “Thinking outside of the box.” These are in stock and shipping from Denver Colorado.


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The Sparrow Knight R220 is setting a new standard for quality and design for racing drones.  The Sparrow Knight R220 is made from 3D moulded carbon fiber.  The design is both stylish and strong, protecting sensitive electronics, and surviving the harshest of crashes.



  • Aerospace grade moulded carbon fiber technology
  • Minimal Hardware for a light weight design
  • Ultra durable LED light- made from POM- a hard, durable plastic
  • Ultra-durable POM QQ Landing Pad
  • Camera Cage Design- Angle adjustable from 0 degrees to 50 degrees.
  • 10 degrees of motor tilt
  • Replaceable arms for when the worst happens (fits 5″ props)
  • Gadgets available for different HD camera mounting solutions.


  • Complete Airframe
  • Bolt and nut set
  • Moulded LED light shell with SMA holder
  • POM Molded battery holding and landing pad
  • 2×2 LED board Cleanflight addressable
  • Battery Strap


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

Prop Diameter


  1. Christopher Auger-Dominguez

    The page says you’ll be fulfilling orders around October 15th and the link still says Pre-Order. Can you give an update on your status? Are you shipping sparrows now?

    • admin

      It looks like we will have them now around the 7th-8th.

    • Christopher

      Do you have a photo or drawing of a built Sparrow Knight R220 with controller and battery? I can’t tell how it all fits together. Is that a PDB in the back?

  2. admin

    This is a photo of the Sparrow Knight R-220 build as requested by @christopher

  3. JY Chang

    My r-220 had broken wings……UM>>>>

    How can I get knight’s wing?

    • admin

      Absolutely, These will soon be added to the store, in the meantime, for fast assistance, email and our team will get you what you need.

    • Patrick Dalton

      A picture of one completed would be nice. Hard to visualize this one. All those nice pictures, and not one with a propeller? Bad marketing….

  4. JY Chang

    Broken Wings and… under plate

  5. Bob

    Can you please provide the dimensions of the battery compartment (length and width of the flat part underneath)?

  6. Dean

    LED 5v? Or 12v?

  7. Johnathan

    Hi any chance you will be producing more of these frames?

    • Anthony Jacobs

      We wont be producing more. I have one left if you are interested, please email


    HI! Will produce more frames? This design is great!

    • Anthony Jacobs

      probably not, as the design is cost-prohibitive. I think I have one more kit left if you are interested. If so, drop me an email

  9. wangdong

    Hello! Will produce more frames? This design is great!

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