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We Love Quadcopters

We Sponsor race events, develop products, and work closely with pilots around the world.


We work hard to source the newest, most forward thinking designs in Racing Quads to make them available to our customers.  We also Develop products that help people build quadcopters.


We help people get their questions answered.  Visit our Q&A to get your answer.


We pride ourselves on our great customer service.  Drop us a line if you need help!

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We are here to help you fly.

Our Mission

Our mission consists of 6 core values:

  • Parts- we only offer the best, proven & tested parts
  • Support- we strive to provide the best support and a central place to find answers to your Quad Questions
  • Service- We offer state of the art shop services
  • Product development- We develop technology for our industry
  • Ready to fly solutions.
  • Education- We write manuals for the FPV community to help educate people as to how these electronic components work.

Our mission is to simplify multi-rotors.  Our team is  constantly asked when flying, what our machines are, where to get one, how to build one, etc.

We have found ourselves telling people that if they are not engineers that they shouldn’t build one.   This answer is wrong!

We decided to build this site so that there is a central place for verified information about these machines.  It is a place for us to consolidate our thoughts and create a centralized place to find the best parts & info.

We can’t tell you how much time we are saving you by putting the site together.  We have spent hours on forums and browsing through rc products.  There is no end to the amount of rc stuff out there but most of it is un proven, untested, and just doesn’t work.

We will only sell proven, awesome gear on this site.

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We help people understand racing drones.