QQ190 RTF PID Sharing

Tuning is subjective.

It’s important to note that PIDs and RATES are 2 very different things, and a well tuned copter can be dialed in for each individual pilot by adjusting the rates for their flying style.

We recommend that if you don’t like the way that the quad flies, try dialing in your rates first.

Pid tuning comes into play to get the copter to fly smooth and react properly to internal and external inputs.   We have worked with Magnus at super FPV Bros to dial in the Pids on the QQ190 and get them perfect.  This was done with a combination of Black Box data-logging and many hours of settings adjustments and test flights.

So if the copter isn’t reacting to your stick inputs to your liking, we suggest that you first try to adjust your rates.  If it seems twitchy, turn down the rates, if it docent react fast enough, increase the rates.

Save the PID tuning for last.

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