Tattu RACING SERIES 1300mAh 14.8V 75C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT60 plug


The Tattu Racing Series-   The hands down, best batteries for FPV racing quadcopters available!  This is Tattu’s highest performing battery and essential when winning the race is your goal.

The High C-Rating means less sag and more power when you need it most! This is tattu’s finest battery available. The chemistry is intended for racing applications, and therefore this battery outperforms most others.


This is a 75C battery for use in the most demanding racing applications.
The Racing series are designed for abuse, For when you need the maximum C-Rating and power.

Charge at 1C to maximize life.


Tattu batteries feature balance plug connector savers, xt-60 connectors, high quality wire leads, and amazing power.

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Tattu 3S 1300Mah 75C Racing battery  – For the most demanding racing applications.


Brand Tattu
Capacity(mAh) 1300
Voltage(V) 11.1
Discharge Rate (C) 75
Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 150
Configuration 3s1p
Net Weight(±20g) 125
Length(±5mm) 72
Width(±2mm) 36
Height(±2mm) 24.5
Connector Type XT-60
Wire Gauge AWG12#
Wire Length(mm) 100
Balancer Connector Type JST-XHR

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in
Cell Count




1300 Mah


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