Micro BEC Voltage Regulator For Quadcopters – B.E.C.

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Adjustable BEC Voltage Regulator

This is the perfect voltage regulator for mini quads. It is extremely tiny. It weighs about 4 grams. This is also very low noise which makes it perfect for FPV voltage regulation.

works up to 28V, 3A output

This regulator is adjustable, so you can dial it in to give you what you need 12v or 5v or anything else.

It must be adjusted to desired voltage when you get it. See the video below.

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This is the perfect voltage regulator for mini quads. It is extremely tiny. It weighs about 4 grams.  I like to think of it as the QAV250 BEC because it is my goto BEC for the QAV250

Use this for FPV or flight controller voltage regulation.

Use this regulator to get 5v for a flight controller or radio receiver such as the D4R-II.

Use this regulator to get a 12V supply for an FPV camera or video transmitter such as the Sony Super Had FPV camera or 500MW video transmitter.

This BEC is ideal for regulating voltage for many components.


Input voltage: 4.5-28V
Output Voltage: 0.8-20V (adjustable)
Output current: rated current 3A(MAX).
Switching Frequency: 1MHz
Output Ripple: less than 30mV
Efficiency: 96%(max)
Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 C to +85 C)
Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down module (buck)
Size: 22*17*4mm

Very Small. About 4 grams.




The QuadQuestions Micro BEC is a high frequency step-down switching regulator with an integrated internal high-side high voltage power MOSFET. It provides 3A output with current mode control for fast loop response and easy compensation.

The wide 4.5V to 28V input range accommodates a variety of step-down applications, including those in an automotive, Quadcopter, Airplane and other vehicular input environments. A 100μA operational quiescent current allows use in battery-powered applications.

High power conversion efficiency over a wide load range is achieved by scaling down the switching frequency at light load condition to reduce the switching and gate driving losses.

The frequency foldback helps prevent inductor current runaway during startup and thermal shutdown provides reliable, fault tolerant operation.

By switching at 1.5MHz, the BEC is able to prevent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) noise problems, such as those found in AM radio and ADSL applications.



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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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