3 Oz PDB Power Distribution Board For Quadcopter Drone Zmr-250 or other

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This is an amazing little PDB for a quadcopter or drone.  It’s 3oz copper for high current applications.  It fits a Naze32 and CC3D footprint and makes for a beautiful build.  This board works really well on the ZMR-250 platform.

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36mm Multirotor Power Distribution Board

Power distribution board for quadcopter Drone.  This board works specifically with the ZMR-250 and other frames that do not ship with a Power Distribution board.  This board is the missing link and will help you get off of the ground!  The board works with the Naze32 and CC3D flight controllers.  It allows you to run your battery and all wiring to one central point on your quad.

Power distribution board for quadcopter Drone

This is a power 36mm distribution board. Made from 1.2mm FR-4 material and 3oz copper. Positive and negative terminals are marked, top side of the board is +, bottom is -, small solder pads for low-current connections are available on the edges for things like LED lights etc.

Board dimensions: 36mm square, 3mm mounting holes with 30.5mm spacing (Naze32/OpenPilot compatible).

3oz copper version.

Weight: 3.5gram

**(Naze32 & standoffs not included)**

Some accessories to go with the board:



Micro BEC

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1 in



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