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Fury F3 Flight Controller


The Fury F3 Flight controller has been designed from the ground up by quad pilots & builders who want a better flight controller. We have taken into account all of the things that we like about other flight controller hardware and wish that other flight controllers featured and combined them into a board that is well designed for ease of installation and use.

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The Fury F3 flight controller board is an answer Drone Racing pilots have been waiting for!  It features SD card datalogging for blackbox, The good MPU6000 Gyro, F3 Processor, easy to solder pins, and more.


Board Features:

  • F3 processor (allows you to run high loop times and gives you 3x dedicated UART outputsfor things such as GPS, OSDs, Telemetry, etc.)
  • MPU6000 gyro- This is a favorite gyro amongst many FPV pilots at the time of writing. It’slow noise floor and high reliability rate makes it a top choice which is why it is on this flightcontroller.
  • Large Solder Pads on edge of board
  • USB connector
  • Spectrum Receiver connector port (additional connector is recommended but not requiredif using Spektrum Hardware.
  • 3v3 output for I2C connections
  • Buzzer connection availability
  • Led connection availability
  • Current sensor connections availability
  • RSSI Connection availability.
  • Barometer is optional at the time of writing.


Designed for Betaflight, there is no Cleanflight Target.

Package Contents

1x FPV Fury Flight control Board

Device Specifications:

  • 5V input
  • Standard 36×36 Board (30.5×30.5 mounting)
  • STM32F303CCT6: 32-Bit, 72MHz, 256K Processor (floating point arithmetic, lots of I/O)
  • 3 hardware serial ports.
  • USB VCP (can be used at the same time as the serial ports).
  • 4 PWM outputs (dedicated for quads).
  • Dedicated 3.3v regulator for external devices/Spektrum (up to 500mA)
  • Dedicated PPM/SerialRX input header pins.
  • Dedicated SPEKTRUM adapter port.
  • Dedicated I2C headers.
  • MPU6000 Mems Gyro/Accelerometer (the 6000 gyro is less sensitive to noise then the 9250or 6500. There is no need to soft mount the controller, and it is known as the “goldstandard”
  • SPI Gyro connection (this is a faster communication protocol then SP (which most other F3boards have)
  • Optional MS561 Barometer on bottom of board for easy foam covering isolation.
  • On-Board MicroSD Card Support for blackbox data logging (no fuss easy Data logging sothat you can get the perfect tune.
  • Voltage monitoring (built in Voltage divider)
  • Current monitoring (with external current sensor)
  • RSSI monitoring (if your receiver of choice has an output)
  • Buzzer Connector
  • LED Strip Connector
  • SWD Port
  • Direct mounting option for a Pololu switching regulator for up to 6S lipo operation.
  • Thoughtful, easy-to-build layout
  • Edge launch pins for a low profile build, also better for direct soldering.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in
Gyro type


Input Voltage


processor type


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  1. Mstatic (verified owner)

    I recently put this FC into my QQ190 Falcon and my first impressions are that its a great FC. From the start, the Fury was very easy to build. With the edge placed solder pads, soldering up all the ESC’s and Rx only took my about 20min, and it makes for a clean build. My first flight impressions were also great. I’m running Betaflight 3.0, with LittleBee 30amp ESC’s on BlHeliS. It felt so locked in, with almost no oscillations after just a tiny bit of tuning. The MPU6000 Gyro is one of best you can get with an F3 board and this FC proves that. I highly recommend this product because of it ease to build, flight characteristics, and the price point is really good.

  2. Albert Paul

    I have the FuryF3 F3 Flight Controller but just wanted to know does this board have the pull up resistors for the i2c bus ?


    • Anthony Jacobs

      I believe so, but you will hae to verify on yours. I dont have any more furys to test. Ill post a photo of where i think the resistors are located.

  3. Anthony Jacobs

    where I believe the I2C pullup resistors are located (need to verify)

    • Albert Paul

      Thank you I believe you are spot on. Could a gps/compass with built in pullup resistors cause i2c errors?
      I have this board running inav and getting increasing i2c errors and I suspect my compass already have resistors. ill post a pic of the compass.

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Yes, you could be having an issue if you already have pullup resistors installed. Can you trace the circuit and look for resistors on your GPS?

  4. Albert Paul

    Possible i2c pull up resistors

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