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TBS PowerCube V2-F3 Flight Controller and ESC All-In-One Solution. No more soldering!


TBS PowerCube V2s….

It’s a high-performance solution and the best part is that minimal to no soldering is involved, so you can just hook up your motors with bullet connectors and you are good to go. The cube is the easiest way to build and get flying. It takes most of the hassle out of building quads and is great for beginners and advanced builders alike.


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A Sparrow Racing Quad with the TBS cube installed.

A Sparrow Racing Quad with the TBS cube installed.

Stacked compact, a all-in-one power package for your fpv racer between 120 and 330 size. 2-6S capable, 25A continuous, 45A burst ESCs provide ample juice. The Colibri RACE is a F3 based flight controller with enough processing power and memory to achieve low looptimes. The ESCs are TBS designs based on our BULLETPROOF technology, running the most recent BLHeli-S firmware.

The TBS POWERCUBE combines knowledge and experience over 3 years of research and racing use. It is the new standard for performance, reliability, ease-of use and cost in race machines. Main highlights include

  • All-in-one, solder-free system for race quads. Comes with – or plugs into – everything you need.
  • Optimized for centralized weight distribution
  • Colibri V2.0, STM32F3-based FC, with the best IMU MPU6000 (SPI, 8KHz)
  • Bulletproof 25A 6S BlHeli-S, BlHeli-S V16.x (FH-00), most reliable ESC in the industry
  • PDB V2.0, providing now double power with 4A on 5V and 250mA on 12V.
  • Patented power distribution
  • Clean, filtered power for fpv camera and video transmitter, selectable between 5V/12V and VBatt.
  • Compatible with FPVision and Core PNP PRO OSD


  • MPU6000 new generation accelerometer/gyro
  • STM32F303 based chipset for ultimate performance
  • PPM, SBUS, DSM, DSMX input (5V and 3.3V provided over internal BUS)
  • 6 PWM ESC output channels (autoconnect, internal BUS)
  • Choose between plug & play sockets or solder pads for R/C and buzzer
  • RGB LED strip support incl. power management
  • Extension port for GPS / external compass / pressure sensor
  • UART port for peripherals (Blackbox, FrSky telemetry etc.)
  • 5V buzzer output


  • SiLabs EFM8BB2 50MHz with PWM gate drivers
  • BLHeli-S (FH-00) latest generation firmware pre-flashed
  • 2-6S capable
  • 25A continuous power with active burn protection
  • 32kHz (MultiShot) capable, OneShot capable, PWM capable
  • Fastest throttle response, braking
  • Lowest minimum RPM
  • Full water and dust protection


Available separately is the TBS FPVision module – it replaces the bottom PDB layer and integrates the TBS CORE PRO and TBS Unify Pro technologies. The Core PRO takes control of everything. You can fully configure your flight control with your remote control, tune your multi rotor without the need for a laptop. And during the flight, you’re beeing kept up to date with everything that’s going on in- and around your multi rotor.

New features such as artificial horizon, accurate current and voltage sensing, battery and R/C link health (RSSI) and navigational help (GPS required, sold separately) are all part of the bundle. Nobody has flown the FPVision and not been blown away by its functionality and integration. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


  • STM32 F3, MPU6000 SPI Flight controller running Betaflight
  • Regulated and filtered power for Cam and VTx (5V/12V/VBatt switchable)
  • 25A continuous, 45A peak ESC (each)
  • 2-6S capable
  • Power distribution: 120A continuous
  • Current Sensor: 100A sense, 250A peak throughput
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 70g incl. PDB, wires & connectors


  • TBS POWERCUBE stack with Flight Control, 4x ESCs, PDB
  • Terminating plastic shoe to isolate the TBS PowerCube carbon fiber frames
  • Cables for FPV Camera and video transmitter
  • External 5V Buzzer
  • LED pigtail cable


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
ESC Firmware


3 reviews for TBS PowerCube V2-F3 Flight Controller and ESC All-In-One Solution. No more soldering!

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Initially, this was going to be a 1 star review, but Chad at QuadQuestions really helped me get this setup. I bought this with a QAV210 frame, Cobra 2204-2300’s and a bunch of other stuff from here for my first build. I chose the powercube for simplicity.

    First: buy 2mm male bullet connectors if you’re going that Route, or cut the one’s off the ESC’s.

    Second: completely disregard any documentation you find from TBS or anyone else stating that the ESC’s do NOT need to be calibrated. THEY ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BE CALIBRATED!!! I’ll go over WHEN to calibrate in a minute.Calibration of escs is recommended, but not required- QQ

    Third: download the DFU tool listed in the manual.

    Fourth: download betaflight.
    We recommend that you run the stock firmware at first. Beta flight is beta software- use at your own risk. You will not need to use the DFU Flashing tool to fly.

    The following instructions explain how to flash Betaflight, so people can ignore this if they want-QQ
    Fifth: Use the DFU manager app that installs with the aforementioned DFU tool to generate a DFU based on the latest betaflight FW. Don’t even bother trying to flash anything with cleanflight and the powercube (currently) because you’ll just get a “failed to communicate” error. All flashing has to be done with the DFU tool.

    6) Flash the generated DFU based on the betaflight FW. When flash is complete, disconnect the USB, Power the board with a battery and wait about ten seconds.

    7) Disconnect the power, plug in USB and connect to cleanflight and do NOT restore a backup of any settings you backed up based on TBS firmware as it seems to cause it to fail to arm.

    8) Configure your quad, but stick to the Multiwii (rewrite) PID controller

    9) After you’ve got everything configured which affects flight, open up the CLI and type:

    set gyro_lpf = OFF

    then hit enter

    then type:


    then hit enter

    You’ll hear it disconnect and it’ll say it’s rebooting, but you’ll likely have to hit the disconnect button, physically disconnect the cable and reconnect the cable, then connect to cleanflight again. Congrats, you just activated 2KHz mode and next is incredibly important and should be done AFTER you change flight based settings…

    10) CALIBRATE THE ESC’s!!! Especially now that you enabled 2KHz mode and everything’s going to be calibrated to the old 186Hz value (providing the ESC’s were ever calibrated, which they don’t appear to have been). The easiest way to do this is, with the battery disconnected, go to the motors section of CF, enable the motors and raise the value of the master slider to the top. *DISCLAIMER* I accept no responsibility if your motors kick on and you’re doing this with props installed, so do it without props or make sure nothing’s in the way of the props and keep a hand on top of the quad for safety. Now, connect the battery and after it does goes through it’s beeps, lower the master slider all the way to the bottom, at which point you’ll hear a beep confirming the ESC’s were calibrated. Unplug the battery, disconnect from CF and your computer and enjoy the powercube in a useable state.

  2. cgi688 (verified owner)

    It is a great product, very small, easy to connect, less hassle, no soldering which is a plus if you don’t know how to solder.

  3. Alberto Alvarez

    What version of betaflight is flashed on it?

    • Anthony

      It is constantly getting upgraded. It is easy to flash to the latest version of Cleanflight or Betaflight if a newer one comes out.

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    Makes building a quad so much simpler and cleaner, especially when paired with a QQ190 frame. Don’t know how it would perform in top level competition, but for the average guy this thing’s perfect.

  5. Roy Merriman

    Is this system suitable for a Hex copter?
    I want to use my IPAD Mini2 for flight screen, can this be connected to the system for telemetry and video?
    I want to use a GPS for stabilization to use my 350 for video, which one?
    thanks Roy M…

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Hi Roy, Yes, you can use the powercube for a Hexacopter build, however, it will require that you add 2 escs to it and do some extra configuration in the software. Here is a photo of the Sparrow Hex powered with a TBS powercube built up by Sacdrone in San Jose, CA.

      Powercube Hexacopter
      Powercube Hexacopter 2

    • Paulo Antonio Ferreira Pinto

      Would like to know if I can use the TBS PowerCube V2-F3 Flight Controller and ESC All-In-One Solution on a TBS Discovery Pro with Gimbal for long distances. If so, what are the necessary modifications?
      Grateful for the attention.

  6. Paulo Antonio Ferreira Pinto

    Is it possible to use the TBS PowerCube V2-F3 Flight Controller in a tbs Discovery Pro long distance?
    If so, what changes do we need to make?
    Grateful for the attention.

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Hi Paulo, you can absolutely use the TBS Powercube in a long range FPV setup such as the discovery. I would absolutely recommend a TBS core Pro along with a TBS GPS unit so that you can utilize long-range navigation to monitor your battery and find your way back home. Feel free to message us at support@quadquestions.com so we can help you build the perfect setup.

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