Perfect Blue by BrianBetts

Codename : Perfect Blue

 Pilot’s name: Brian Betts




Frame Type:QQ 190 4mm Tank

Motor Type:

Lumenier RX 2206-13 2000Kv


ESCs:TBS Bulletproof 20-40 A Burst

Flight Controller:

TBS Powercube

FC Software


Radio Type

Spektrum DX-6

Receiver Type:

Spektrum FPV Racing Serial Receiver

Customer Description:

Important Build Notes:

– Cut the bullet connectors off of the motors and Powercube if you’re replicating this build. The lack of flexibility and extra bulk of the motor leads doesn’t make for a clean outcome with a small pure ‘x’ frame like the QQ 190. I initially attempted to use some heatshrink to contain the mess of extra wires, but the vein-like final appearance wasn’t acceptible.

– Keeping the mess of wires between the Powercube to the motors allows you to get creative with protection. This build features nylon braided sleeves that protect wires from getting sliced by bent/shattered propeller blades.

– If you opt for the TBS Powercube, please use 1.5″ stand-offs for the gap between the baseplate and upper deck. The stock stand-offs don’t leave any breathing room for wires.

– Adding some type of adhesive-backed grip tape or rubber on the bottom of the x-frame really helps when it comes to securing batteries.

Flight Characteristics

Stock TBS PIDs for the Powercube work OK with the QQ 190. I would reduce P+D settings independently until you feel like the cornering characteristics are acceptable. I personally believe some yaw expo is really helpful as well.

Why this quad is AWESOME!

I absolutely love the balance of the QQ 190 in the air. The construction of this frame is ludicrously easy. Combined with the various 3d printed parts available, this frame really lends itself to a variety of missions.

What would you change or improve about this quad?

I think a beefier battery (1500Kv) or larger, race-spec motors would make this build a better freestyle FPV platform.









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