The Martian Cobra by HaunsSolo

Codename : martian cobra

 Pilot’s name: Hauns Solo



Frame Type:Martian 255 CF 3mm

Motor Type:

Cobra 2206/2100KV


ESCs:DYS BLHeli 30A opto

Flight Controller:


FC Software


Receiver Type:

D4R2This quad isn’t finished yet

Customer Description:

This quad isn’t built completely, but soon will be. It will have front wheels, 2.5 gm each and 1.5 inches tall. XT60 plug mounted on top plate, because I keepgetting my Batt wire in props, red voltage led readout and red leds, both in back, on top plate. It should have about 10 pounds thrust w cobra 2206 + Gemfan 6045 props. 5.8GHz Amoway 600mw V Transmitter, cam unknown and Amoway antenna. I want to protect my antennas, so I might put roll bar of some kind on top. Oh, will be running 4s batts 1300 mah giant power 65C. This should be my fastest quadcopter yet. Will be posting more about it later.

Flight Characteristics

not in air yet.

Why this quad is AWESOME!



No changes to rates or PIDs yet. I’m still flying in Angle mode, Ha Ha, working on it.

Mode Selection Screenshot:


What would you change or improve about this quad?









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