PURPLE RAIN QQ190 Falcon by Eph

Codename : Purple Rain

 Pilot’s name: Eph




Frame Type:QQ Falcon190 3mm

Motor Type:

DYS SE2205 – 2300kv



Flight Controller:


X-Racer F303

FC Software

Betaflight 2.7.1

Radio Type

Frsky Taranis X9D Plus

Receiver Type:

Frsky X4R SB

Customer Description:

I did have to utilize taller standoffs, however, it is due to my choice of stacking the RX and VTX within the bottom canopy.

The other consideration was to stack the VTX under the camera in the top canopy, however, it would have been tight, as I used the Hawkeye with pigtail.

It made more sense to have it in the bottom canopy and thanks to the cutout in the middle, it gave me good access to the dip switches.

Flight Characteristics

After some initial bumps that come with tuning, I managed to fracture the arm at the point of the motor holes. I had strengthened it with some washers and a dab of epoxy and all is good.

That said, after a good tune, it flies amazingly, and thanks to the DYS powertrain, there’s A LOT of power on tap.

Here are some videos from a maiden race and some freestyle.

Why this quad is AWESOME!

What I like most about the quad is its handling and after having gone through the build, simplicity of the stack. I will be using it as a main quad in our upcoming Hawaii State FPV Championships tournament taking place at the end of June, and I think it will do very well.

All that’s left is further fine tuning of my PIDs, but otherwise, I like the frame very much, and support from Anthony & QQ staff has been stellar.

What would you change or improve about this quad?

One issue I had was that the camera angle maxes out at 45 degrees, which is aggressive, however, not enough, as maxing out on throttle requires a steeper angle. Not a big deal, however, my other setups are more in the 50 to 60 degree angle range. This has already been changed and newer versions offer steeper camera angles up to 60 degrees -AJ

I know it is due to the front standoff that limits the angle, however, perhaps offering a front standoff with a staggered center to allow for the camera to move up a bit more.

I also know that it has been addressed in the 4mm tank version, but if the 3mm is the racing version, I think it would be a serious consideration to take into account a setup with a more aggressive angle.

I would look into having standoff height options. Not a big deal, since they can be sourced separately.

I had also ordered and utilized the 3D-printed mount for the Runcam, which broke after a light crash. I’m not surprised, as it was a plastic piece, however, I would consider perhaps TPU or some other stronger material. The standoffs that it is attached to are strong, so really the weak point was the mount itself, which I will reconsider ordering but in ninjaflex or TPU. Without the mount, I was still able to strap my Runcam 2 on just fine, but with some creative use of Rapstrap and zip ties.

Lastly, I’m not sure how to address strengthening the arms, however, in my previous post, I did mention that one of the arms got fractured after a crash and the break point was in line with the inner motor mount holes. It was not a bad fracture and the quad flies fine after some strengthening, but perhaps some motor guards would help, or frame “socks”. I’ve had other crashes on it and it holds up very well, but I would consider some fortification at the weak points, which seems to be at the point of the end of the arm heading into the motor mount base.









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