by GeorgeGuzman

Codename : The Guzman build

 Pilot’s name: George Guzman



Frame Type:Lumenier qav 210 charpu


ESCs:Lumineer opto 20 amp esc’s

Flight Controller:

QuadQuestions Cubestack


FC Software

Base flight

Radio Type

Spektrum dx18

Receiver Type:

Lemonrx ppm receiver

Customer Description:

Well I have cerebral palsy so this build was very tricky but thanks to I got a fc and osdoge fully soldered and ready to go. Taking my time the toughest part was not being scared of soldering. After some much needed practice I felt confident to start chopping wires here and there to end up with a clean build. I did have a problem with an esc. When I would connect a battery it and the motor would smoke. Feeling a little discouraged I took it all apart and re did the whole pdb. Still smoke. I finally took my voltmeter and everything was fine on the pdb. After replacing the esc it worked perfectly. My only advice is take your time and build it your way. Be patient and do your research. It will pay off in the end.

Flight Characteristics

I just built it so it flys ok with major vibrations but once tuning gets under way should be like flying on a pillow.

Why this quad is AWESOME!

Love the look and color combination, clean wiring, very powerful.

What would you change or improve about this quad?

Everything is great but the place I got these motors from only has them in a 4 pack. I tried buying one motor when I thought the one on the bad esc would burn out. They refused to sell me one motor so the replacement esc was the last item I’ll ever buy from them. Only improvement would be better more readily available motors.









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