by WatchmakerLam

Codename : The Sparrow Knight 180 V2, Designer red Edition, Low profile

 Pilot’s name: Watchmaker Lam




Frame Type:Sparrow Knight 180 V2


ESCs:Littlebee 20A

Flight Controller:


FC Software


Radio Type

Futaba 14SG

Receiver Type:


Customer Description:

The new 45.deg 3K carbon filber very durable and light weight as always.

-The Sparrow Eye system – Runcam HD totally change the rule, make the weight balance at the center, well protected the Lens, its fits for tiny quad such as 180mm’s

Flight Characteristics

Usually I fly Angle mode, but I would like to try Rate with the Knight.

Why this quad is AWESOME!

Light weight, Very good looking, replaceable bumper, 45.deg 3K carbon fiber body, angle adjustable fpv camera holder, the landing gears fits for long sliding landing.










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