Sparrow Hex Kit for the Sparrow Racing Quad R4.1


It’s here.  The hex kit to make the Sparrow Racing Quad a true transformer quad.  Purchase this Hex kit to upgrade your R3 or R4 Sparrow Racing Quadcopter to a Hex configuration.

You must also purchase the Sparrow Racing Quad to have a complete Hex frame.

The kit is designed for 5″ props.


We recommend that only advanced builders try this kit as the PDB needs to be tapped into for the additional side escs which must be mounted on the side arms.

The Manual is available only to registered owners via private message.  We will publish a public manual for the kit soon.

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Sparrow Hex

Sparrow Hex



The Sparrow Hex kit.

Turn your sparrow Racing Quad into a Hexacopter with this frame kit.

Kit includes:

2x Front arms

2x side arms

2x rear arms

hardware needed to put it all together.


This kit can be used to build a Hexacopter kit out of the base Sparrow Racing quad frame.


Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 1 in


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