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QQ190 4mm Tank V2 X Racing Drone Frame


We have listened, and the QQ190 4mm Tank has improved.  We recommend this frame for pilots that are heavy on the crashing.

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The QQ190 Tank V2- Light as a feather, strong as a TANK. The QQ190 Tank V2 is the 4mm version of the QQ190 Falcon racing quadcopter designed and manufactured by QuadQuestions.com. The QQ190 Tank V2 features vast improvements over the previous generation of QQ190s.

Here is a nice crash video from Terrorswell FPV

It’s a testament to how tough our frames are.

New features include:

New carbon fiber manufacturing technique:

Our new carbon fiber is stronger than anything we have created before.  We have utilized a special technique to strengthen the carbon by varying the layers in multiple directions.  The result is an incredibly stiff and light frame that is extremely durable.

New shape:

We have studied what works well in our design, and what requires improvement.  We have strengthened this frame in the areas that were found weak; we have gusseted the arms for extra strength, and we have added material around the motors.

Advanced machining techniques:

We have an advanced machining process that we use with the QQ190.  This includes:

  • Chamfered edges
  • Fine detail engraving,
  • Pocketed carbon design.
  • Countersunk Flight controller mounting holes.
  • Additional mounting holes for mounting newer-micro flight controllers.
QQ190 Tank V2 Features

QQ190 Tank V2 Features

This quad features a tough 4mm frame, with a beefy camera pod, custom engraving, and an integrated video transmitter antenna holder. The QQ190 Tank can take a beating. Features & Upgrades from the popular QQ190 Falcon 3mm frame:

  • 60 degree camera pod- allowing for extremely fast forward flight,
QQ190 Tank V2 Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Frame by QuadQuestions Detail 3

QQ190 Tank V2 Carbon Fiber Racing Drone Frame by QuadQuestions Detail 3


  • Stainless hardware
  • Through hole design for unique build possibilities.
  • Black anodized aluminum standoffs.
  • 4x m3x29mm standoffs for camera pod
  • 4x 3x25mm standoffs for the center plate.
  • Washers and hardware included for mounting the popular Runcam Sky, QQcam or HS1177 FPV Cameras
  • Weighs 97.8g
QuadQuestions Carbon Fiber Comparison

QuadQuestions Carbon Fiber Comparison

Take to the Sky with the QQ190 Tank 4mm Racing Drone Frame by QuadQuestions.com

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in
Skill level


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2 reviews for QQ190 4mm Tank V2 X Racing Drone Frame

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    For starters this frame is beautifully crafted. The parts and pieces including the milling are near perfect. The camera pod holds your fpv camera absolutely rock solid. This is the second iteration of this frame and the new carbon is really really strong. I\’ve survived some pretty disastrous crashes without issue. I highly recommend this frame if your looking for longevity and durability. If your a racer the tracking of this quad is epic and will provide the most precise control. If your into acro this mean little quad will take anything you throw at it. Quadquestions has some great 3d prints as well so you can mount your hd cam without fuss or jello. No more zipties, foaming, or hotglue. Just drop in the session and go.

  2. Jason Westphal

    I have owned both versions of this frame and only recently retired my Rev 1, which I learned on. To be clear, the retirement of my Rev1 was due to a few high speed high impacts that resulted due to an electronics failure above 50′. My Rev 1 never did break, but wasn’t the truest, and I thought it best with a fresh rebuild to replace the frame base.

    I fly mostly freestyle, so I like to have a well balanced and snappy craft and one that can take a beating. The QQ190 Tank’s design gives all of that.

    The frame overall is incredibly strong, and the updates in Rev 2 add to that strength, as well as add to the esthetics.

    The elevated FPV camera carriage is solid. The design has kept my FPV Camera safe during impacts. I have also never experienced any Jell-O effect through the FPV camera, or my GoPro which I strap to the top of the carriage. (Segway…)
    The camera carriage with the addition of a mounting bracket or some zip ties accommodates my GoPro Session nicely.

    One thing I have noticed is the QQ190 Tank is a very quite frame (vibration). I have never felt the need (with a good flight controller) to dampen my FC, or soft mount my motors.

    While the QQ190 Tank is a relatively small frame, I have been able to pack a lot of components into it. I currently run a full TBS Powercube stack with 30mm fills the leaves about 0.5mm. With that keeping all of the components centered in the frame has made tuning incredibly easy and keeps the craft very stable as well as agile.

  3. jason

    Interested in the qq190 V2 – it lists “backordered” next to “add to cart” – what is the approx. time frame for delivery for Florida, US? Thank you. Jason

    • Anthony Jacobs

      If it says “available”, it is in-stock at the Denver warehouse, otherwise, if “backordered” is displayed, then more are in production and will soon be available. Thanks!

  4. Mark

    When will this frame ship again?

    • Anthony Jacobs

      The QQ190 Tank V2 has been replaced by the QQ190 Tank V3. Check it out! It’s shipping now.

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