The Amethyst Knight by Kelloggair

Codename : The Amethyst Knight

 Pilot’s name: Kelloggair




Frame Type:Sparrow R220 Knight

Motor Type:

Lumineer special edition Skitzo 2205 2400kv


ESCs:TBS BulletProof 25amp

Flight Controller:


Fury F3

FC Software


Radio Type

Spektrum DX9 Black

Receiver Type:

Spektrum Race Satellite

Customer Description:

I started with the intent of showing this frames unique design and building on that a custom racer. The Lumineer 2205 2400kv Skitzo Edition motors were just screaming to be used on a build to show their true colors. Paired with the most agressive looking prop on the market the RaceKraft 5051
Working inwards i have the TBS BulletProof 25amp ESC’s to handle the amp draw that racing can cause connected at the Matek Mini PDB to allow for efficient power transfer and less wires for a lighter weight and cleaner look. I not only wanted something to go fast and look good doing it, but also a quad that had the ability to reach out farther and fly deeper into unknown territory with the TBS Unify HV VTX. The adjustable power from this VTX from 25MW, 200MW, 600MW, 800MW assures me i will have video signal even near the thickest of trees. This combined with the new Stubby Triumph from TBS and the Runcam Owl Plus should allow me to see and aim for the smallest of gaps at anytime of day. This Quad was built by me Kelloggair, not only for me but for FPV hobbyists to showcase the great products available through Quad Questions and to encourage everyone to build what you dream and take flight.

Flight Characteristics

Pending maiden flight

Why this quad is AWESOME!

Molded carbon fiber makes this a very attractive quad


Mode Selection Screenshot:

What would you change or improve about this quad?




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