Points and Customer Rewards


We love our customers and we want to reward you guys for shopping with us so we have implemented and points and rewards system to give back to QuadQuestions supporters (our customers)

You can use points to apply discounts to future orders with Quadquestions.com  In general, you get 1 point for each dollar that you spend with us.  500 points yields a $15 dollar discount (subject to future changes).   The idea here is to encourage you to get your quad parts from us instead of shopping elsewhere.  Some items in the store have a $1 to 1 point ratio, other items might have less points per dollar or more points per dollar depending on the item purchased.  You can also gain points for leaving reviews on your purchased products, participating on our forum & Q&A pages and giving us shoutouts on social media (subject to admin approval)

You can collect points as you shop with us.  In order to start saving points, you have to checkout with your QuadQuestions.com account.  Points accumulated when checking out as a guest will not apply towards future orders and cannot be transferred.



QuadQuestions points-example.

You simply select the apply points at checkout once you are logged into the site to apply your discount:

You can use your points to apply for a substantial discount on your purchases, the amount that can be applied depends on the items that you are purchasing, but in general, you can use points for up to a 50% discount on your cart and a varying discount is available based on the items that you are purchasing.  The bottom line is that Shopping with QuadQuestions pays you back.  Some products offer greater points and applicable discounts than others, so it just depends on what you are purchasing.

Yes,  Points expire after 6 months, so make sure that you are checking back to the site often!

No, We do not retroactively add points to customers account.  If you want to build more points with us, you will have to do more shopping on the site.

It costs us more to sell on Ebay and Amazon.  Therefore you cannot apply your discount to Ebay and Amazon orders.  The only orders that you can apply points to are orders that are placed on the QuadQUestions.com website.

No, Points cannot be applied towards shipping costs.

QuadQuestions.com points are a privilege for our customers and not a right.  QuadQuestions LLC. reserves the right to modify the points and rewards system, modify customer points, and completely take away points at any time.  We also reserve the right to modify orders purchased with points and cancel orders if it is decided that they are abusing the points system.  This is entirely at the discretion of QuadQuestions LLC. and is not negotiable.

Start earning points now!