TBS Discovery Pro Gimbal Quadcopter Frame


The TBS Discovery PRO Quadcopter.  Yes,  This beast not only flies beautifully, it has fully integrated electronics and is made for Pro FPV with Professional Results (see the video below)

This is made for the amateur and pro videographer alike and will allow you to get the shot!  Couple with a DJI Naza M V2 for the smoothest performance.

You will need DJI Style Arms, a flight controller,  A go pro, a Radio system, motors, ESCS, propsbatteries, and a video system to make this quad fly.


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The TBS DISCOVERY PRO gimbal frame is the perfect tool for amateur and pro aerial videographers. Sporting a fully stabilized camera gimbal it is the most powerful, compact, robust and versatile “take anywhere” quadrocopter available to date.


By implementing the wiring into the frame, the copter is easy to build and outperforms similar quads in terms of FPV range and video link quality. The DJI Flamewheel arms as predetermined breaking point protect your electronics and are easily replaceable in the field.


  • Integrated brushless gimbal & control board (plug & play!)
  • Built-in camera switch (GoPro live-out and pilot’s camera)
  • Frame acts as power distribution board
  • Ready for long range FPV
  • TBS CORE (on screen display) with digital current sensor
  • Lightweight CNC aluminum gimbal
  • Custom IMU
  • Tried and proven frame design – based on the world’s most popular FPV quad!


  • Top and Bottom plates with
    • CORE installed
    • AlexMos SimpleBGC Controller integrated
    • Camera switcher integrated
    • RF tin shield installed
  • Aluminum CNC gimbal with vibration isolation
  • GoPro Live Video out board
  • 2x GB2208 direct drive gimbal motors
  • XT60 pigtail
  • All required molex cables, screws, standoffs and bearings


Setting up a gimbal the right way can be a daunting task. Installing a brushless gimbal board and making the wiring work in your favor is difficult. Therefore we decided to license the SimpleBGC firmware and the SimpleBGC hardware layout from Viacopter. This is a world’s first … the gimbal controller fully embedded into the frame. No soldering, no software configuration, plug in the motors and you’re good to go. The embedded USB port connects to your PC for future firmware upgrades and custom configs.


The CORE has won over the FPV enthusiasts world wide and as the easiest to use OSD module. Clean data layout and only the most important information presented on screen. Clutter-free, permanently visible, zero wires for installation, and nicely tucked away under a tin shield. The most robust and secure solution for on screen telemetry.

The TBS CORE is famous for:

  • Accurate flight pack voltage and mAh consumption display
  • Reliable power supply for FPV camera and transmitter
  • Flight time shown once a minute
  • Display RSSI (R/C signal strength) from all major UHF systems and some regular R/C systems
  • Single battery FPV system – less chance of failure!


Team BlackSheep are the undisputed kings of long range FPV. With the DISCOVERY PRO you can make camera shots that rival those of real helicopters. You can chase BMX drivers down an entire slope. You can film boats and yachts … from the shore. You can shoot breathtaking action scenes from the director’s seat! Since you’re piloting from the camera view, your skill is the limit.

We offer 2 basic setups, each with their different flavors of ranges. The TBS 5.8GHz FPV system gives you ranges between 500m (25mW) to 3km (600mW). Please make sure your 2.4GHz R/C can match this distance!

To fly further, we offer the EzUHF Tx & Rx long range control system and the Lawmate 2.4GHz long range video system. Compatible with all remote controls! With the 11dBi Yagi ranges of 10km or more are easily achieved. The battery life now is your limit.


  • 4pcs Flamewheel Arms
  • Remote control, 6 or more channels
  • Flight control (GPS optional)
  • 4x 200W motors and 4x 30A ESC
  • 4x 9×5 or 10×5 propeller set (clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation!)
  • FPV camera
  • FPV transmitter
  • GoPro HD HERO3/4 or HERO2 camera
  • 3300mAh – 4500mAh 4S battery (8 – 12 mins flight time) – no larger than 31 x 47 x 157mm

For those working on the assembly please read this primer:



Logos, free to use in your videos featuring the TBS DISCOVERY PRO gimbal frames (or videos from it 🙂 ).

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