TBS Core PNP Pro Race edition OSD and Power supply


This is a stripped down version of the TBS Core PNP Pro OSD that’s optimized for racing.  It’s lacking a current sensor, and additional cables. Other than that, it is the fully capable and ready to rock TBS Core pro with all of the advanced features that top pilots love.

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TBS Core Pro module for use with the TBS Powercube for a complete TBS system on racing frames. Compatible with the TBS PowerCube needless to say.

We’ve optimised the accessories to only the essentials required for racing, which allowed us to drop the price down to just $60!


  • Dual 2S to 6S input voltage – additional input for backup (2S only)
  • Constant 5V @ max. 2A and 12V @ max. 600mA – individually, not combined!
  • OSD with GPS, battery voltage, current consumption, signal strength, callsign and timer display
  • Telemetry audio downlink or video input and mono audio pass-through (available via later software-update)
  • Very high switching efficiency
  • Extremely low ripple and low RF noise, two stage filtered and shielded casing
  • Supports 1W VTX with only minor airflow
  • All necessary cables included
  • Software upgradable and configurable (Windows required)
  • Measurements: 47*27*12mm
  • Weight: 17.3g (Module Only)
  • Weight: 19g (w/ 10cm bst cable)


  • BST CABLE 10cm
  • BST CABLE 20cm

The TBS CORE PNP PRO Race Edition is intended to be used with the TBS Powercube. If you plan to use this by itself please purchase the complete TBS CORE PNP PRO.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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