TBS Tango FPV Remote Transmitter with built in FPV display


The TBS Tango.  This is a phenomenal remote for FPV Pilots just starting out in the hobby and also great for experts alike.  TBS Tangos are in stock and shipping from Denver.  Check out the video below for more info.

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The TBS TANGO FPV remote control is an all-in-one system made for FPV enthusiasts. It features built-in video receiver and a slot for JR-compatible radio modules. Input controls are provided by quality quad ball-bearing gimbals and camera operation is possible using smooth spring-loaded dials and rocker-switch. A huge display shows the video stream right on the remote, with an option to connect external goggles.

Key features

  • All-in-one FPV remote control with R/C radio and video receiver built-in
  • JR-compatible slot for any R/C radio module
  • Large 4.2-inch display for live video stream
  • Quality ball-bearing gimbals for control and spring-loaded dials for smooth camera operation
  • High capacity built-in Lithium-ion cells, charges via USB
  • External port for goggles




All-in-one FPV Remote Control

RC system:

JR-compatible expansion module, e.g. TBS CROSSFIRE

FPV system:

5G8 VRX receiver, 40CH


R/C: module specific
VTX: 5G8 5dBi patch antenna, optional external SMA port

FPV Channels:

Boscam A, B, E, Fatshark, Raceband


LCD 4.2-inch, 640x480p

R/C module compatibility:

JR-compatible RF module with CRSF or PPM stream (absolute max. ratings: -0.3V to 15V), e.g. Crossfire, JR, FrSky and similar radio modules


Li-Ion 18650 3.6V 6000mAh internal battery, USB-charging

Operating range:

Variable depending on output power and radio environment


RJ45 connector for connecting video goggles, e.g. FatSharks DSC for trainer connection
USB for software updates and charging


2x Quad ball-bearing gimbals 2x Two-position switches
2x Three-positions witches 2x Spring-loaded dials

2x Digital trims
3x Video RX buttons 1x Rocker switch

Working temperature:

0 – 4 0 °C


150 x 80 x 20 mm


340 grams, without R/C radio module

Kit contents:

1x TBS Tango Radio, 1x TBS tango strap, 1x RJ45-to-Fatshark cable

Manual coming soon.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 6 in


  1. KennyWiz

    Is there latency added when using a FrSky module?
    if so, how much?
    Which module should be used to replace a Taranis?

    • admin

      It has digital output that minimizes the lag. TBS is working on PXX right now, which is a digital output to the XJT (FrSky) module. CRSF is already supported. PPM has 22.5ms lag.

    • admin

      An xjt module would be the best choice if you are replacing a Taranis. https://quadquestions.com/product/frsky-xjt-jrgraupner-type-16ch-duplex-transmitter-telemetry-module/

    • Mike

      Are you also selling the AV and Power Cable for Fatsharks? If so, how much. Thanks!

  2. Michael

    I have preordered the Tango (55759). Can u recommend JR module for it that handles DSM2? Thanks.

  3. Jay (verified owner)

    Which position is 0 on the top switches?

    • Anthony

      Typically it’s down which is a little counterintuitive if coming from a taranis. We recommend that if you want to swap it, run a calibration and when you get to the part that says to put the switches up, put them down instead so that they get registered to the tango backwards. This will make them act more normal if you are an FrSky user.

  4. Franky

    Is this compatible with all receiver (Futaba, JR, Taranis, Spektrum)? and including the long range TBS CrossFire?

    • kwadracer

      Yes it is, I’m using my Tango with the Crossfire TX and micro Crossfire Rx

  5. Zach

    Will it support video in from another RX and will it work with the Frsky DJT module. What about plane support or is this a quad only radio?

    • admin

      At the current time, it only supports it’s internal receiver. You could use it with a plane, but it is really geared towards quads at this time as there is no internal mixer. The nice thing about it is that it is future proofed and improvements to the software are constantly rolled out via the TBS Agent app.

  6. jonathan rubin

    what module is recommended for spektrum dsm2 and dsmx ? and do you sell it for tbs tango ?

  7. Matt sheridan

    When I run tbs agent I can’t get my tango to connect? Also I can’t find most of the menu options shown in the manual on mine. How do you assign the switches and flight mode?

    • Anthony

      Have you tried a different USB Cable? That can sometimes help with connectivity issues. If you can connect, upgrading the firmware with TBS agent should give you access to more menus.

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