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Sparrow Racing Quad R5


The Sparrow R4.1 is currently out of stock and we are accepting orders now for the Sparrow R5. These will be shipping in early April, if not sooner.

These include now standard aluminum hardware (standoffs) and a modification to fit a TBS Unify Vtx to the frame.

You are looking at the new Sparrow Racing Quad.  This is the culmination of many hours of hard work and many new ideas.

We wanted to design a frame that addressed common issues with the current frames on the market.  The result is the unique and beautiful Sparrow.

We are tired of seeing the same box design over and over again, we decided to build a frame that is built in layers, maximizing strength while maintaining a very light weight.

We have addressed common FPV camera mounting issues. The Sparrow provides a Special 3D printed angled camera mount that is vibration isolated from the rest of the airframe.

We have also designed many accessories to maximize your experience with this frame which will all be coming soon and including GPS mounts, angled Mobius Camera Mounts, Angled Go Pro Mounts, Angled motor mounts, nylon landing gear, Titanium hardware and more.



  • 3D FPV Angle adjustable Camera holder
  • Vibration isolated camera mounting system
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • replaceable arms
  • layered design
  • 3k carbon fiber (true CF)
  • Frame mounted XT-60 connector & More


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The Sparrow Racing Quad-Carbon fiber airframe,

 Thinking outside of the box…

Inspired by Nature, the Sparrow has a Head, Body, Wings and Tail, like a bird.


View the official product page

view the ongoing development thread on open pilot here

View the RC Groups Thread


This frame is configured differently than other designs currently available on the market, -designed, with compartments to install the electronics, 
such as the FPV Camera, Receiver, Flight controller, Battery, ESCs, and Video transmitter.

  • The 3K 45 degree carbon fiber gives the airframe incredible strength but light weight. 45 degree carbon weave-this is a better carbon fiber to make complex shapes out of, and the Sparrow has it.  We have sent this one out to some mechanical engineers, and the Sparrow R4 is the result of progress. 🙂
  • The Sparrow Racing Quad is a Unique 270mm size airframe that accommodates 5″ & 6″props.
  • The Sparrow Racing Quad is designed to support a 3S or 4S lipo setup, the battery platform can hold up to 2200mAh battery.
  • The frame comes with a great instruction manual.
Sparrow R4 Carbon Fiber Comparison

Sparrow R4 Carbon Fiber Comparison

Build Documentation:

The Build documentation download is provided to Sparrow owners upon purchase of the Sparrow Racing Quadcopter.

If you have already purchased, you can download your manual on the “my account” page http://quadquestions.com/my-account/

If you are just curious, you can download the manual from Sparrowquad.com/manuals after signing up for the Sparrow Newsletter.

IMG_4316_1 IMG_4315_1

Sparrow Racing Quad R4 Selectable Color LEDs and Power Distribution Board PDB

Sparrow Racing Quad R4 Selectable Color LEDs and Power Distribution Board PDB

Sparrow Racing Quad R4 multiple motor mounting options.

Sparrow Racing Quad R4 multiple motor mounting options.


The carbon fiber pieces of this frame weigh a total of 128.2g.  The majority of the additional weight comes from the hardware and accessories such as the PDB, XT-60 connector, 3D printed camera mount, Strap, etc.

The sparrow R4 weighs 225g with the stock stainless hardware, and all components installed with 270mm arms.

The weight can be lowered by about 26g by using Sparrow Armor Titanium Screws bringing the total frame weight down to about 190g.

If you want to shave more weight off, you can omit the PDB (11g) and run 250mm arms.

Recommended configurations:

3S Battery or 4S battery

Naze32 and OSdoge Cubestack

5″ props/2204-2206, 2300kv/12A escs

6″ props/2204-2208 1960kv/18A escs

Kit includes:

– A set of the 3K carbon fiber frame, Main, top front and rear, fpv hanger, battery platform.

– 3 black rubber vibration dampers.

– 1 3D printed Angle Adjustable FPV camera Holder,

– A set of Stainless steel screws and aluminum standoffs with spares to repair after crashes.

– 1 Sparrow Racing Quad logo printed rubberized battery strap

– 1 pc of Sparrow Quad Integrated PDB V2.

– 2 x Color selectable 3s or 4s Maytec led lights for orientation.

– 4 pcs  vinyl black caps for Landing Gear

– 8 pcs of Aluminum anodized washers [ Dark Grey color ]

– 1  XT-60 plug platform with bolt & nuts.

** Interested in becoming a Sparrow Racing Quad Dealer? Contact us**

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 4 in

1 review for Sparrow Racing Quad R5

  1. adam.featherstone68 (verified owner)

    Love this frame.
    My QAV and others sitting idle now
    Built with a Naze32 rev6 and an OSDoge, littlebee ESCs, cobra 2205 racing editions and 6040 props and it screams
    Using betaflight, custom mix and tuned up PIDs
    Frame is not only beautiful but very resilient, despite my best crashes no damage so far
    Thanks to Anthony for support

  2. Kevon (verified owner)

    I’m still waiting on my order of the sparrow r5

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Hi Kevon, If you need a refund, just email support@quadquestions.com Our latest estimate right now is the end of April/early May- We are working on it as fast as we can. Thank you for supporting our pre-order.

    • Kevon (verified owner)

      I will wait for this frame

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