Sparrow Armor – Titanium Racing Hardware for the Sparrow Quadcopter


replacing the stock screws with these titanium ones will make your quad virtually bulletproof….and lighter at the same time.

This hardware is roughly 1/4 the weight of the stainless steel screws that come natively with the kit.


When using titanium, we recommend to keep the stainless steel for the landing gear, as the titanium doesn’t work as well on the landing gear and other items that have a strong leverage against the screws.

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sparrow armor contains:

12ea 3x8mm titanium screws

10ea 3x6mm titanium screws

22ea 3x20mm titanium screws.


These screws are used to beef up the Sparrow, making it virtually bullet proof.

The titanium screws are designed to replace the main screws on the frame.  (the only ones that are not replaced by this kit are the ones that hold the flight controller to the board, and the ones that hold the landing gear to the frame.

This kit is made for the Sparrow R3 frame.


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