QQ130 130mm Carbon Fiber Racing drone frame for 3″ props

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Go small, but fly like the big boys. The QQ130 has an 8:1 power to weight ratio in an incredibly small package.


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The QQ130 is the little brother to the popular QQ190 Racing drone.  We have taken all of the features of the QQ190 and shrunk them down into a tiny little package.  Why make something as great as the QQ190 in miniature form?  Because flying indoors is fun!  Smaller frames are lighter and less prone to breaking, and let’s face it, the qq130 is CUTE!  But don’t let it’s cuteness fool you, with an 8:1 power to weight ratio, this little quad can keep up with the big boys.


We recommend this build for anyone that wants a smaller quad that still has all of the components and flight characteristics of it’s big brother.   Recommended setup:

Motors: 1306-4000KV Red bottoms

Esc: 20A Littlebee (3″ tris on 1306, 4000KV motors pull around 16A each)

Flight controller:  Powercube Elite Bundle

Receiver: Frsky XSR

Camera: QQ190 Microcam

Antenna:  Triumph Stub


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


  1. Steven Linke (verified owner)

    does this come with a camera mount?

  2. James Cox

    What size FC and FPV camera does this frame fit? I’m looking for a frame to fit a full size FPV camera and 20 mm FC mount

    • Anthony

      The QQ130 is designed to fit standard sized flight controllers with 30mm mounting hole spacing.

      We recommend mounting the QQMicrocam with QQ190RTF Microcam housing. We don’t recommend using a full size camera on this tiny drone. It should use a micro camera if possible.

  3. Jon

    Can this frame fit the new Runcam Swift Mini?

    • Anthony

      Yes, a run cam mini will fit the frame. We are currently working on a design for a printed mount that allows for mounting of the run cam mini. For now, the QQmicrocam is made to fit perfectly inside.

    • Motard Geek

      And a RunCam Micro :p ?

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