QQ130 Racing Drone Kit


The QQ130 Racing Drone Kit.

Everything you need to build and fly your own QQ130 Racing Drone.  The Quadquestions team has hand-picked and assembled these parts to help you take the guess work out of your build and to help you be successful right away.

We recommend the following performance parts to get the most out of your build.  This little drone features all of the features of it’s larger cousins!  Full graphic OSD, Power adjustable Video transmitter, Powerful, brushless motors, Excellent and efficient speed controls and more.  Couple with your favorite radio system and FPV goggles and the sky is the limit!


AUW without battery: 172.4g

AUW with Tattu 1050mah 4s battery: 297.4g

Flight controller mounting: Standard 30.5mm to fit most flight controllers.

Material: 2mm Carbon fiber



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Go small, but fly like the big boys!

The QQ130 can achieve an impressive 8:1 power-to-weight-ratio, and is extremely small and light for fast and aggressive flying.

This kit includes all parts required to assemble the QQ130 yourself.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


  1. Lester (verified owner)

    How do you fit the tbs diagonal esc board into the quad frame within the confines of the 4 metal standoffs? See photo attached. The esc board is too big for the space between the standoffs.

    • mattk

      Hello Lester, Thanks for the question. I have figured out a couple ways to fit the pdb in the build. The first and easiest solution would be to shave the pdb down and run new wires from the rear esc’s signals to the signal hole-through on the front of the pdb. A less invasive method would be to go ahead and file or shave the standoffs in the location necessary to allow the PDB to fit which works best with standard nylon standoffs.

  2. Paul

    What is the hole spacing for the motors? Is it compatible with a 1407?

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