Parallel charging board


I love this board.  It allows you to connect multiple batteries to the same charger.  This allows you to charge them all up in the time it would take to charge one.  This is a must for Qav250 owners!

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parallel charging board


This board allows you to hook up multiple batteries to your charger effectively tricking it into seeing a larger battery.  So you can hook up 4 1300mah batteries reflecting 1 3S4P 5200mah battery.

With this board, you can hook up multiple batteries and balance charge them altogether.  this allows you to significantly cut down your charge time.

Cell: 2~6S
Voltage: 0~22.2VDC
Max current: 30A
Battery: 6 packs (same capacity & cell count)
Connector: XT60/jst-xh

See this post on battery C Rating

and this Post on Parallel & Series charging to learn more.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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