Nerdcam3d MkV2. 3d FPV camera for RC models

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The Nerdcam3D Mk 2 3D FPV Camera with included OSD- The Nerdcam makes it possible and easy to setup and fly in 3D.

Lack of depth Perception has always been a chief complaint of FPV pilots.  Now you can see the world in 3D, making it feel much more natural.  Feel the tree branches fly over you,  See the ground not only as an image, but as a plain shooting off towards the horizon.  Judge your landings, and your distance to objects like never before! The camera also features a built in 3D OSD that reads MSP data from popular flight controllers running CleanFlight.

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The NerdCam3D Mk.2 is the newest, most advanced and most versatile 3D-FPV flight camera in the class of analog video/standard definition 3D-cameras. This new and completely updated model comprises state-of-the-art automotive image sensors and advanced minimum-latency video processing features. It also includes a significant number of improvements over the previous Mk.1 model. The NerdCam3D Mk.2 addresses many suggestions and feature requests by the steadily growing community of 3D-FPV enthusiasts.

This camera features a low latency system that combines the signal from the 2 cameras into one output so that only one video transmitter is required to transmit a 3D signal to your goggles or ground station.  To view the 3D signal, you simply need a goggle or receiver that can read a 3D Side by side (SBS) or Field Sequential signal.  This camera works great with the latest Fatshark goggle systems.

The QuadQuestions Team is very pleased with the new Mk2 camera- We have been flying with the Nerdcam3d Mk1 for a while now and have made some suggestions- The Manufacturer has listened!

This Camera has a built in 3D OSD that can read MSP for an easy connection to popular flight controllers that run Cleanflight software and the case has been improved to dramatically decrease the weight and form factor of this awesome 3D FPV camera.

Each NerdCam3D Mk.2 features a built-in stereoscopic on-screen display with commonly requested status information like battery voltage, amperage, RSSI, stopwatch as well as mAh charge counter. The new NerdCam3D Mk.2 is able to poll and read out telemetry data via MSP (MultiWii Serial Protocol) from any flight controller running Cleanflight, Baseflight or other related flight controller software adhering to the MSP standard. The legacy NerdSense Mk.1 sensing extension board remains supported for the sake of RC-cars. OSD-assisted camera calibration modes provide unprecedented ease of operation.



  • Nerdcam3D mkV2 3D FPV Camera
  • Manual (English, German)
  • Lens holder
  • Lens lock ring
  • Special m1.8×6 screws for mounting posts of the camera case
  • DIP-Switch Aperture plug
  • 2x replacement pins for micro switches.

List of supported FPV goggles:

Nerdcam3d Mk V2 3D FPV Camera Compatibility Chart

Notice: The camera is fully compatible with the Fatshark Dominator V3 goggles. It is however not a 16:9 aspect ratio camera. Hence the 3D-image inside the Dominator V3 goggle will be stretched horizontally form 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio.  The Fatshark Dominator HDs are a 4:3 ratio and perfectly matched to the NerdCam3D Mk V2 camera


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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in


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