IBCrazy Bluebeam Omni Whip 2.4ghz Antenna Set


These Omni 2.4ghz antennas are perfect for increasing your range an clarity on 2.4ghz video systems.  We recommend them with a Long Range System such as the TBS Crossfire.

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The BluBeam antenna set is the original FPV circularly polarized antenna set.  They are a direct fit circularly polarized replacements for your whip antennas. These will greatly increase your video range and clarity. Place the 3 lobe on your transmitter and 4 lobe on your receiver for the ultimate omni directional experience.

The Blubeam antennas are available built directly on an SMA connector (Omni set) or built on a short cable (BluBeam Whip)

Upgrade to a long range system by adding a 7.5dbic or 9.5dbic helical antenna for your receiver.

Contains TWO antennas, one RX and one TX antenna

This amazing creation is built by Alex Greve (IBCrazy).  The cloverleaf antenna design has proven to be one of the best antenna designs for FPV flying.

These 2.4GHz antennas are right hand circular polarized, and can be used with linearly polarized antennas (with some loss) or a more perfect match is another right hand circularly polarized antenna.
Not to be used with left hand circular polarized antennas.

Radiation pattern:

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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