Fatshark Module Covers for Diversity receiver modules such as the Laforge V1 and 5808


The Absolutely cleanest Diversity cover sets to date- These work with the Laforge and rx5803 modules to make a perfect Laforge Cover.


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Includes 2 covers, one for the receiver bay and 1 for the Trinity/Diversity bay- Fits Fatshark Dominator V3 and Fatshark Dominator HD goggles.

***These covers will be 3d printed at a .16mm layer height and a 60% infill

****There may be some rough edges around the window for the OLED display due to the nature of how these are printed.

*****The photos show embossed writing on the OLED side.  These will be omitted from the print-

  • Printed at high resolution for a very nice finish.
  • White.

At this point, we are not sharing the STL files, but as we develop our design, we might include .STLs once a final, plastic product has been released.

** If you are using this with a Laforge modules, and require IR functionality, you will have to drill a small hole for the IR.

Get a Laforge cover today and clean up that mess. 😉


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in



  1. Ranjit Sellars

    Hello. Is https://quadquestions.com/product/fatshark-module-covers-diversity-receiver-modules-laforge-unit-5808/ compatible with the 2nd batch of LaForge modules? the form factor is slightly different.


    • admin

      HI- currently this fits the 5808 and 1st batch Laforge- We are working on a new design for the V2 Laforge, Check back here for updates.

    • Anthony

      Do you have covers that fit the LaForge V2?

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