Pulse Width Modulation is a common communication protocol used in radio control of servos and flight controllers.

Typically with servos, a centered condition of the servo occurs with a pulse signal duration of 1500 microseconds with 1000 microseconds signaling full servo movement in one direction and 2000 microseconds full movement in the opposite direction.  The naze32 flight controller is set up the same way.  Minimum movement of channels occurs at 1000 microseconds and maximum at 2000 microseconds.

Different radio vendors may use slightly different numbers for center and full travel and may use slightly extended ranges beyond +- 500 µs. Note: 1000 microseconds = 1 millisecond  It is very important that you check to make sure that your radio transmits a min of 1000, mid of 1500 and max of 2000 on the servo channels to ensure that the flight controller such as a naze32 will react properly to the control inputs.

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