FPV- First Person View

This is the technology that is used on model aircraft and multi rotors that displays a video feed to the pilot on the ground, allowing him to fly in “first Person”  Popular FPV systems include the Fatshark line of goggles and use analog video signals transmitted between the aircraft and the ground.

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  • Jhance white-cummings

    hey im all the way from Kauai, Hawaii and am totally new to fpv and built me my first drone. ordered me some gear. now im running in to no stick movements in beta flight… using a crsf nano diversity to a 60a hobbywing stack with the tbs evo. sent ch1 from nano diversity to rx1 and ch2 to tx1. got everything to bind, visuals through my goggles and the rx is solid green just like the module behind my qx7. serial rx is checked on uart1, saved and rebooted. configuration receiver set for CRSF, plug in my batt and got nothing. got any idea where I went wrong ?


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