QQ Drone Models and titles explained. QQ190 tank V2 Vs QQ190 Falcon V2 Vs. QQ166 vs QQ130

Here at QuadQuestions.com we have several frame styles that we manufacturer using our own proprietary blend of carbon fiber, along with unique machining techniques that make our frames stand out amongst the rest.

There has been some confusion from time-to-time about our branding, and the purpose of this post is to make some clarifications.

QQ Drone Models Explained

QQ Drone Models Explained

QQ 190 falcon V2 

For this example, we are going to look at the QQ190 Falcon V2 drone frame

QQ 190 Falcon V2 3mm

Prefix QQ-

QQ Designation- Designed and Manufactured by QuadQuestions

QQ stands for QuadQuestions, and a frame with this prefix designates that it is a QuadQuestions racing drone frame.

Numerical Prefix 190-

Frame Sizing designation

QQ190 Falcon V2

The next prefix denotes the size of the drone frame, for instance, a QQ190 is 190mm from motor center to center.  A QQ130 is 130mm from motor center to motor center.   This is intended to provide a standardized way of knowing the size of a drone by it’s designation, and also determining the propeller size from said designation.  190mm is the smallest that we can make the QQ190 before 5″ props don’t fit.  The idea here is to make the drone as small as possible, which in turn, makes it as fast as possible.

QuadQuestions Frame Sizes

QuadQuestions Frame Sizes

We here at QQ have found the following to be a good starting guide to propeller size:

general frame diameter QQ Frame Size Prop Size
150mm & smaller QQ130 3”
150-250mm QQ166 4”
190-220mm QQ190, Sparrow R220 5”
220-270mm QQ220 6”
350mm TBS Vendetta 7”
450mm TBS Discovery 8”
450mm & larger TBS Discovery 9”


Model Designation

The next designation that we have is the model.  There are several models available that might fit into the QQ190 classification.  Tank, Falcon, RTF, Knight, R, etc.

And finally, the version is the last part.  If there is no version designation, you can safely assume that it is a first version, such as the QQ190RTF. However, some models get updated and after this happens, we will put a designation onto it’s name to denote the version.  I.E. QQ190 Tank V2.

QQ190 Models

The QQ190 itself comes in 3 distinct models at the time of this writing.

QQ190 Tank, QQ190 Falcon, and QQ190 RTF.

These models are all slightly different:

  1. The Tank is 4mm thick, and beefed up for heavy crashing.
  2. The Falcon is 3mm Thick and made to maximize the weight-to-perfomance ratio.
  3. The RTF is made to work specifically with RTF components and has very specific features to fit the RTF hardware.

We absolutely encourage you to purchase and fly the RTF, as it is represents a very large number of ideas and work from many people across several companies, and it is a very advanced product, however, we do understand that many people have the desire to build their own quads, and that’s why we make the Tank and Falcon models.

2 replies on “QQ Drone Models and titles explained. QQ190 tank V2 Vs QQ190 Falcon V2 Vs. QQ166 vs QQ130

  • Robert Sushames

    Hello , i am interested in purchasing a QQ190 RTF, with camera upgrade, may possibly need to upgrade further for higher quality video and photos – possibly a go pro therefore not sure if i need a larger drone for the added weight. Do you have in stock a matching control unit, also longer lasting batteries….looking to use for Real Estate photography….looking for a quality product.

    • Anthony Jacobs

      Hi Robert. We designed the QQ190 to natively carry a GoPro session. While it is very possible to use it to capture still photos while in the air, the QQ190 is a racing drone and it’s purpose is to fly fast and with a high degree of agility. If you want to fly fast with no limits, the QQ190 is for you. If you want to take pretty pictures, you might be better off with something such as a TBS discovery.

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