Fresh R4- By David Gover

Codename : Fresh R4

 Pilot’s name: David Gover




Frame Type:Sparrow R4


ESCs:RG 20amp Rotorgeeks

Flight Controller:


RW 23

FC Software

Beta Flight

Radio Type

Taranis X9d-Plus

Receiver Type:


Motor Type:

Emax Red Bottom


Customer Description:

I took a MM off the arm mounting stand-offs and added a MM of motor anti-vibration rubber cut to pattern the arms and sandwiched them between the main plate and arms. I am using a MotoLab Cyclone FC and RROSD PRO PDB stacked. added 10-degree motor mounts from Hover Things that fit perfectly.

Flight Characteristics

Just started the tuning phase..

Why this quad is AWESOME!

overall design is sleek! the RG 20a fit perfectly on the PDB and I am using the RROSD PRO PDB that cleaned up the wiring nicely. outside of the R4 the support behind this product it truly amazing and first class!!

What would you change or improve about this quad?

I don’t know if it possible but recessed washer and bolt holes would be nice.









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