by PePeLePew

Codename : Falcon 190

 Pilot’s name: PePe LePew



Frame Type:QQ 190 Falcon



Flight Controller:



FC Software

Libre Pilot

Radio Type

Spektrum DX8

Receiver Type:

Lemon Satellite

Customer Description:

Nothing real fancy.
Flies like a champ.
Plenty of power…plenty of power!!
For the most part default PIDs.
I did tweak some numbers to allow for faster rolls and flips in rate mode.
I have literally rolled this guy around (not intentionally)
and have had some good smacks out in the field.
So far the frame itself lives up to the bragging rights. 🙂
Seems very well constructed the fit and finish seems very nice.
Since the build pics I have moved to a 40 channel Cricket from RMRC
to allow most of our group to fly with race mode and FS channels.
I looked for the recommended camera however at that time no one had them in stock
to I placed the ELGAE cam on her which so far has worked out well.

Flight Characteristics

Overall out of the gate she flies very nice.
I have noticed some oscillations on quick descents
so I will need to tweek them out.
Quick on the punch and gives me the turn on the dime reaction I want.

Why this quad is AWESOME!

It is light, it is tough, it just flat looks good.
At this point for the beating and banging I have given it, it has done well.

What would you change or improve about this quad?

Later I am going to upgrade the motors to some Red Bottoms or possibly some Edge series.









2 replies on “by PePeLePew

  • Pepe Le Pew

    Hey Havox
    I am running a CC3D board and to be honest I have not touched the PIDs.
    The way I have her setup she seems to fly very nice.
    Just out of curiousity are the props well balanced?
    This would cause the vibrations you are referencing as well?
    The most I have done is set the rates and roll factors and some expo
    and so far she is rolling along nicely.


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