Sparrow Knight build by cdee

Codename : Sparrow Knight build by CDEE

 Pilot’s name: cdee



Frame Type:Sparrow Knight – 180mm


ESCs:DYS 20a

Flight Controller:


FC Software

Cleanflight 1.11

Radio Type

Taranis XD9 Plus

Receiver Type:


Customer Description:

Got the frame, 5in1 power distribution board, Naze32 Acro Rev.6 flight controller, taranis radio and frsky receiver, all from QQ. The motors and ESCs I had on hand already.

Build was very straight forward, the long skinny frame gives some nice options on locating the electronics. In this build the vtx was mounted on the upper deck with the camera, makes it handy if having to split the frame for any reason. The 3D printed camera mount is very slick… ID of the clamp portion may have to be “sized” to fit you camera, which is easily accomplished with a dremel and drum sander attachment.

The frame spacers are 25mm long so you will want the right angle header pins on the flight control board. Battery location is top center, so a variety of batteries can be used without effecting the CG. Included in the kit is a “flanged” XT60 battery connector with mounting holes in the upper deck, this is really nice for keeping the battery wires out of the props.

This build used one of the small RunCAM board cameras…. so the lower frame and bumper were widened about 1/16″, if using the mini enclosed camera sold by QQ no modifications would have been necessary.

The Receiver is forward of the flight control board and RX antennas were mounted to some zip ties and small dia clear tubing. VTX and VTX Antenna were mounted to the rear of the frame, with a short extension in-between. The alum encased RMRC VTX mounts nicely to the upper deck to some existing holes/slots.

Weight complete – less battery – is 314 grams (with 1806 motors).

Flight Characteristics

More to follow here once I get the settings dialed in.

Why this quad is AWESOME!

For a 180mm size quad there is a lot of room on board, this is nice. It has an interesting shape and the rearward sweeping arms an unique. FPV camera is well forward of the props, so there will be a clear view while flying.

Will add more once I have some stick time in on this frame and electronics setup


Will post my Settings Dump once tuning is complete.

Mode Selection Screenshot:

What would you change or improve about this quad?

This a very complete, unique and well thought out quad kit. The only thing I did different was to swap out the plastic standoffs for alum. ones of the same length, this was mostly for personal preference.









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