FPV Goggle comparison fatshark attitude vs dominator vs skyzone vs hd vs teleporter



Fatshark vs Skyzone vs Attitude vs Dominator Goggle Comparison.

So what is the difference between the different goggles available for FPV?  Well, there are some important things that you should know. For starters, we don’t recommend any googles that are less quality than the Dominator V2s or Skyzones.  There are some important things to consider when choosing goggles and there are many different factors to consider when choosing your pair.

Consider the following image.  It is a comparison between the major goggles available on the market and each photo shows the same image as displayed through the googles.

The googles shown starting from the bottom are:

  • Fatshark Teleporter v3s
  • Fatshark Predator V2s,
  • Fatshark Dominator V1s
  • Boscam Skyzones
  • Fatshark Dominator V2s
  • Fatshark Attitude V2s
  • Fatshark Dominator HDs

As you can see from the photos below, there are some important factors to observe.  For one thing, the clarity of the goggles below the skyzones is just poor.  You cannot read the OSD information, there is distortion around the edges and color reproduction is very poor.

Because of this, we do not recommend any goggles that are listed  below the Skyzones in the chart below.  Although other retailers sell these sets, they are a very poor choice for FPV and will become a limiting factor for you.

There are some other things to point out below.

The 4 major FPV goggle contenders at the time of writing are:


Fatshark Attitude vs Dominator vs Skyzone vs hd vs Teleporter





Boscam Skyzones

Boscam Skyzone Sky01 goggles with diversity built in. shown with different antenna config (not included)

Boscam Skyzone Sky01 goggles with diversity built in. shown with different antenna config (not included)

What we have found in our testing is that the Boscam Skyzones are a popular choice for beginner pilots.  What the goggles lack in color representation, they make up for in features.  The googles come with a Diversity receiver, so you can tune in the best signal from 2 antennas, a front facing camera, so that you can see in front of you without taking off the googles and a nice IPD adjustment, so that you can fit the googles to you head whether you have a narrow eye set or a pair of wide eyes.

Many people like the Skyzones because they have an HD aspect ratio, so they are very familiar to the normal user because they replicate the standard HDTV aspect ratio.

The goggles have a built in receiver, but it is not replaceable, which is a downside considering that serious pilots fly on many different frequencies.

Personally, I have found that the color reproduction of the Skyzones is not very good. You can see from the image above that the colors have a bluish tinge, with washed out colors, and this is a good representation of our field testing.

Fatshark Dominator V2s

Fatshark Dominator V2 Front view

Fatshark Dominator V2 Front view

The Dominator V2s are a good overall choice.  The Dominator V2s lack the width resolution that the other sets have but they make up for it in color reproduction. As you can see from the image comparison, the colors of the Dominator V2s are crisp and very true to life. Although the advertised resolution is a bit lower than the others, the contrast is better with these goggles than the others that we have tested.  You can see that the blacks are well reproduced, and they definition of the cars is more pronounced.  Also, looking at the trees, the Dominator V2s have a much more pronounced contrast, allowing you to feel the depth a little bit better than with the others.

Looking at the edges, the Dominator V2s have less distortion than the other google sets, making the text at the edges easy to read.  This is an important factor to consider when choosing a set of FPV goggles, and the Dominator V2s don’t have an issue there.

The Dom V2s have a big gorgeous picture with good color representation & low distortion.
Plus a built in DVR, HDMI input, Battery, & case.

The Dominator V2s require a separate receiver to work wirelessly, so you will have to get an additional part to fly with these, but that is a good thing because there are many new receivers coming out for these goggles, and different receivers allow you to do different things,  there is the TBS 5.8ghz Dominator receiver which is renowned in it’s sensitivity, allowing you to pickup all 32 channels of 5.8ghz with ease, and there are many other modules available for you whether you are on 5.8ghz or a low frequency such as 2.4 or 1.3 ghz.

This modular receiver design is a prime choice for many advanced pilots.

The white color keeps the googles from frying your face off in the sun which is an added bonus.

These goggles also have a built in DVR, so you can capture your flights via SD card and then replay them later.  This is a great additional feature, and one that makes the goggles a real contender.

Fatshark Attitude V2s

attitude-V2 Goggles

attitude-V2 Goggles. The complete starter kit for FPV

The Fatshark Attitude V2s are a great choice as well.  When considering resolution, they are higher resolution than the Dominator V2s, but the color reproduction and contrast isn’t as good.  You can see from the comparison image that the trees are darker and the wider resolution comes with the cost of having some severe distortion in the edges.  This makes the OSD info much more difficult to read.  The goggles are also known to produce some wild colors that are not true to life.  If you look at the parking lot in the lower left hand side of the attitude rendering, you can see some increased yellow colors and high contrast areas that are not natural and somewhat difficult to identify.

The attitude goggles do not come with a battery,  they usually are sold in a set along with a camera and a 250mw video transmitter.  These items although nice to have, have proven to be a mediocre replacement for some other, better FPV cameras and Vtxs out there, and that fact puts these goggles towards the bottom of our list.  If you insist on the attitudes, please just get the goggles and run them with a better camera such as the Sony Superhad CCD II camera.  This will greatly improve the quality of the picture that these goggles put out over the stock system.

Another downside of the Attitudes is the fact that they have a built in receiver that only receives fatshark signals, so if you have boscam or other video equipment, you cannot use these goggles with that equipment.  There is a way to change the receiver in these goggles, but it requires a complete tear down and is not recommended for the beginner.

They don’t have a DVR, and they are black, which is not good for sitting in the Sun for long periods of time.

Fatshark Dominator HDs.

Fatshark Dominator HD FPV goggles with DVR

Fatshark Dominator HD FPV goggles with DVR

Alas,  these goggles are the Creme de la Creme of the google world, and sadly, also discontinued.

These goggles have glass optics, huge resolution, excellent contrast, amazing color reproduction, built in DVR, exchangeable receiver modules, 3D SBS support, and much more.

I was very fortunate  to have an oppurtunity to speak with Greg (owner) at Fatshark and he told me that although the Dominator HDs are discontinued, the next line of Dominators and Attitudes (v3) will have a host of features to surpass the Dominator HDs, so time will tell on these.


My advice, If you can find Dominator HDS, get them!  If not, the Dominator V2s are an excellent choice for now.  Holding out for the V3s is also an option, if you can wait long enough….. The future is bright.


 A resolution comparison:


 Here you should see the difference between the resolutions of the most popular FPV goggles.  Keep in mind that Field of view (FOV) also has a factor in determining the best googles.  The FOV being important because narrow FOVs tend to give the pilot more of a tunneled perspective, and wide FOV tend to give the pilot a much more natural feel when flying.  The above image should be viewed at full resolution to give you a good idea of what each set has to offer as these rectangles are the same pixels of resolution that the goggles are.
Hopefully that helps you make a better decision when purchasing goggles.  Please make sure to comment on this thread if you have something to say about it.

4 replies on “FPV Goggle comparison fatshark attitude vs dominator vs skyzone vs hd vs teleporter

    • James

      Although I must admit I just recently bought the attitude v2’s and I’m considering order the Sony camera you recommend. The review was extremely helpful. Wish I came across it before I bought my goggles cause I might have chosen differently lol.

  • Ricky Stokes

    How do you tell the difference between the dominator v2 and the dominator hd? By the folour? Fatshark say the hdmi port but they look both the same on hobbyking.
    Drop me a email if you kmow. Mone are grey case, grey band, grey accents and has the headtracker. Look to me to be the dominator hd on hobbyking but I was sold them as dominator v2s.
    Any help appreciated.

  • JwP

    Best review online by miles.
    99% of new guys want to see that string of pictures you have and no one else has it but you that I can find.
    I don’t care what the same dvr recording looks like in every goggle or how the same basic shape between 50 pairs of goggles feels. Any review without what to expect while looking through them is attention seeking at best.

    All I wanted was that picture.

    Huge thanks!


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