The Lumenier QAV250 Video Build Manual

Lumenier QAV250 Video Build Manual


Lumenier QAV250 Video Build Manual

This is the missing manual for the QAV250.  It walks through the entire build process, with a timelapse and stops along the way to explain what is happening.  If you find it useful, please subscribe to my channel!

This is the complete video showing a build of a QAV250 Quadcopter.  I tried to cover everything in this video but I know there are things I forgot to say.  Please be sure to ask questions on our Q&A page, and subscribe to my video channel.

The build features Lumenier QAV250 carbon fiber frame

Lumenier 2350 KV motors

SimonK 12a blue  escs with build in BEC,

Naze32 Acro


Fatshark attitude FPV system

Sony Superhad FPV camera

IBcrazy 5.8Ghz RHCP antenna set

& more

Some of the challenges that I faced while building this quad we’re trying to fit everything into such a small package.  The QAV250 doesn’t leave much real estate in terms of mounting options,  but it is a light and nimble QUAD for it’s size.

There are some nice options in terms of video transmitters such as the TS5823 that would allow for more real estate, and make the build process a little bit easier.

I  modified the Fatshark LC filter to work with this quad.

I also installed a ferrite ring to minimize RF-Interference.

We used an IBcrazy 5.8GHz antenna set with this build.

I custom made all of the wiring for the FPV stuff and I am sure that I will be making a video on the exact procedure soon.  This video is more of an overview of the process.  More on this build can be found in my build portfolio.

I hope that this helps you with your quadcopter build!  Please comment, subscribe, and leave me questions!



One reply on “The Lumenier QAV250 Video Build Manual

  • John Jones

    This build video was very helpful for me in building the diy kit you sent me.
    I appreciate all the great detail regarding the soldering, order of operations, motor direction figuring and the intro to baseflight. It’s not as intimidating once you get started.
    I’ve been building this kit with my 9 year old and found it helpful to plan out what operations he could do. He became quite a good solderer thanks to the details you included.
    Nice job and keep up the great work.


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