The Chart of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

The chart of the electromagnetic spectrum

A Gigapan is the only way to properly display this beauty!

Use this link if the Gigapan doesn’t load above:

I found this on the web and just thought that it is the most beautiful representation of the electromagnetic spectrum that I have ever seen.

After digging around and finding out more about the poster,  I found an article that talks about how it was made and the man who created it.

The driving force behind its creation in the late 1930s was Dwight Barr, a consultant for the W. M. Welch Scientific Company. He spent two years of his life designing and editing it, with the project at times taking over part of his house. Once published, nearly every major university and scientific institution bought a copy.

Living in the digital world, it is easy to forget about things like this, even though it has everything to do with our hobby.

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Please take a moment to look at the full resolution image and get an appreciation for the work that went into it.  Please leave comments!

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