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QuadCopters are awesome.  These machines utilize advanced technology to allow you to do things that weren’t fathomable 15 years ago.  They utilize multiple electronic systems to achieve stable and controllable flight.  We are now able to pilot these machines with enough confidence to strap on a pair of purpose built First-Person-View (FPV) video goggles and fly like superman, with our crafts flying with such precision that the laws of physics seem to bend to allow these machines to fly.



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 Learning to build quadcopters is tough, and there is a steep learning curve.  Luckily, we are here to help.  We have crafted a blog to help you understand the theory behind quadcopters and we source only the best parts that we can find to help you be successful.

Want us to build it?  Use our QAV250 configurator.

We custom build our quads so that you can spend less time pulling your hair out and more time flying!  You choose the options, we deal with the soldering, configuration, setup, and electronics.



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We are constantly working to bring you the latest products in Quads and FPV.  This is just a small example of all of the hard to find items that we have in stock.  See the store for more details.


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About Me

Anthony Jacobs

Anthony Jacobs

I am a quadcopter enthusiast that has made it my mission to help others find valuable information about these machines.  I have found that the learning curve for this hobby is extremely steep, and that you have to sort through tons of forums and blogs and websites to find the right combination of parts.  There is no standard for testing of parts, and there is no real science behind what people think is good or bad.  I decided to build the site so that I can give you a mind dump, and help you find the parts that work well without having to spend an eternity on the forums, or sorting through a mountain of parts.


I hope that you find this site helpful.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!